Taking a Step Back

Hello Everyone, 


Be sure to help our wiki get back in the air again!

I am Fargo84, Air Marshal on the the wiki. While I'm not the most active user on the wiki, I do wish to take care of it. Unfortuneately, the wiki has been in a state of decline in the past months to the point of near abandonment. While I cannot promise to be here everyday because of my duties to our partner wiki, the WWII Wiki, I will be running a complete overhaul on the wiki. Images will be renamed, code will be imported, layouts will be changed, templates will be deleted. If anyone is confused about the changes, please consult me before reverting the them. Below is my list of goals for the reorganization, whenever a goal has been met, I will promptly cross it off the list. 

Visual Changes

  1. Create a new logo and or revise the old one (Improve Image Quality of New Logo)
  2. Overhaul the main page
  3. Rewrite the top navigation
  4. Import organization templates such as navboxes, infoboxes, etc
  5. Import Wikia Notifications
  6. Create a functional Community Messages system
  7. Rewrite System Messages
  8. Import Standard Editing Summaries
  9. Create new background
  10. Tweak Color Scheme


  1. Completely overhaul category trees
  2. Create a system for naming images
  3. Create a system for naming articles
  4. Create functional list pages
  5. Improve the Forums


  1. Set up a proper 'About Us' page
  2. Set up a proper 'Community Portal'
  3. Set up a proper 'Manual of Style'
  4. Set up basic policies
  5. Set up basic guidelines
  6. Set up a 'Users Complaint Board'
  7. Set up portals 'World War I', 'The Inter-War', 'World War II', 'Korea 1950'


  1. Revise/Rewrite Stub Template
  2. Create basic editing templates
  3. Rewrite infobox template
  4. Rewrite navbox template
  5. Implement navboxes/infoboxes thoroughly
  6. Import username highlights code
  7. Import UTC clock