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  • MO Martin-Omaha
  • B-29-35MO 42-65401

    B-29-35MO 42-65401

  • Delivered to the USAAF on March 30, 1945.
  • Sent to the Third Air Force and assigned to Macdill Field in Florida.
  • Supposedly used by the Army Air Forces Motion Picture Unit for training films on the B-29 during the war.
  • Transferred to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona for storage on November 27, 1945.  Stricken from USAF records on June 23, 1951.
  • Starred in the movies: Wild Blue Yonder in 1951, Above and Beyond in 1952, and made its last film appearance in Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb in 1980.
  • Nose section abandoned at Universal Studios and used as a parts source for the B-29 at Travis AFB (S/N 42-65281 "Miss America 62").
  • Nose section retrieved by the Museum of Flight in Seattle, and sold to aviation historian & author Nick Veronico as surplus.
  • Later acquired by Vintage Aircraft in Stockton, California for incorporation into the Stockton Field Aviation Museum.
  • The museum also has an unrestored B-29 tail section, and a functioning B-29 central fire control system with a turret on display.