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B-29 (Doc) 44-69972

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Serial #
44-69972 c/n 10804
B-29-70-BW Boeing-Wichita
Current Location
Boeing plant in Wichita, Kansas
Restoration to airworthy
Operated By
Doc's Friends
Civil Registration:
  • July 1951 assigned to the 7th Radar Calibration Squadron
  • The aircraft was in a squadron who wore nose art depicting Disney's "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.

  • February 1955 assigned to the 17th Tow Target Squadron; Yuma, AZ. Flown to China Lake for use as a target on 14 March 1956.
  • Ownership was transferred to Tony Mazzolini. In 1998, 'DOC' was recovered from China Lake NAS. The effort required over 100 volunteers and local businesses, as well as the cooperation of the Ca. Highway Patrol and numerous public utilities.
  • The aircraft was towed over a 3-day period, approximately 37 miles consisting of mostly desert terrain conditions, to the US Aviation Museum grounds in Inyokern, California. Various vehicles, heavy equipment and multiple makeshift bridges were required to accomplish this feat.
  • Restoration to flyable status was the goal, but the facilities at Inyorkern were not sufficient to support restoration in the elements.
  • Boeing volunteered to restore the aircraft and it was shipped to Wichita for complete restoration to flyable condition.
  • Aircraft was missing numerous parts including a prop and the vertical stabilizer, which had been cut off.
  • The aircraft is nearing re-assembly as of Jan 2003.
  • The New England Air Museum donated their flyable vertical stabilizer from 44-61975 for use on "Doc", and the original vertical stabilizer of Doc was traded to the NEAM for installation on their B-29.
  • In March 2007 the aircraft was moved to the ramp outside of the Kansas Aviation Museum.
  • Placed in a hangar out of public view in 2008.

Work continues at a steady pace in hangar space donated by Boeing.