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44-86408 B-29-55-MO

400661329 H Hag!.jpg

  • Name not original to the aircraft.
  • Took part in air sampling during the atomic bomb tests in the Pacific.
  • Transferred to Pyote Field in 1945.
  • Transferred to Kelly Field in 1946
  • Transferred to 97th Bombardment Group at Biggs AFB in 1948.
  • Transferred to Campbell Field, Kentucky in 1949.
  • Transferred to 43rd Bombardment Group at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ in October 1949.
  • Transferred to 9th Bombardment Wing at Fairfield AFB, CA, August 1950.  Unit transferred to Travis AFB, CA, February 1953.
  • Transferred to the Wright Development Center,
    Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, May 1953.
  • Transferred to 6750th Chemical and Ordnance Test Group, Air Research and Development
    Command, Hill AFB, UT, June 1953.
  • Sent to Dugway Proving Ground in 1953. Used for chemical testing, then abandoned.
  • Recovered from Dugway in 1983 and shipped by truck to Hill AFB.
  • Aircraft had faint 6th Bomb Group Markings.
  • On outdoor display at the Hill Aerospace Museum at Hill AFB, Ogden, UT. Aircraft has areas of heavy corrosion.  False (non-conforming) gun turrets installed.