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Here’s Hopin (44-70102)

44-70102 B-29-75-BW

  • Flew with the 678th Bombardment Squadron of the 444th Bombardment Group out of West Field, Tinian.
  • Carried nose art Here's Hopin', and carried tail code  Triangle-N #41.
  • Flew at least 25 missions, and was painted for night operations.
  • Returned to the United States following Operation 'Sunset.'
  • Sent to NAWS China Lake in 1960 for use as a test target.
  • Originally recovered by the United States Aviation Museum after the recovery of "Doc".
  • Reportedly this aircraft has been re-acquired by the Navy at China Lake for incorporation into the Naval Museum of Armament & Technology.
  • Has large holes in the forward fuselage, missing the fuselage aft of the rear bomb bay, missing the outer left wing, and a variety of other components and pieces.
  • Currently in a storage yard awaiting restoration.