B-29 (Miss America 62) 42-65281

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Serial #:
Current Location

Accepted: 22 December 1944 - Martin Aircraft, Omaha, Nebraska
Ferried: (Smoky Hill AAF - North Field) (Pilot: Capt Bruce R Alger)
Assigned: February 1945 - 20th AF / 313rd BW / 6th BG / 24th BS - (North Field)
(L-Triangle) (11 / Miss America '62)
After April 1945: (Circle-P) (11 / Miss America '62)
30 combat mission and shot down two aircraft
Crew Chief: M/Sgt Wilbur R Patterson, Jr.
ZOI: October 1945
Assigned: November 1945 - Air Technical Service Command / 4196th AAFBU - (Victorville AAF)
Cocooned / storage
Assigned: FEAF(P) / 307th BG - (Kadena Field)
Combat missions over Korea
Converted to a WB-29
Assigned: 9th Weather Group / 53rd Weather Squadron - (Kindley AFB & RAF Burtonwood)
Mid-air collision (class 2): Tuesday, 2 March 1954 - RAF Burtonwood, Warrington - England
(Pilot: Lt Donald Humann) - repaired
Converted: TB-29B
Assigned: 3510th Combat Crew Training Wing - (Randolph AFB)
Stricken: October 1954 - (Tinker AFB)
Assigned: 1956 - Naval Ordnance Test Station (NOTS) - (NAS China Lake)
Gunnery & Bombing target

Aircraft recovered in poor condition in the 1980's.

Nose glass frame and numerous parts missing.

Fully restored and complete with gun turrets in 1990 and put on display with it's original markings.

A new display hangar is being planned and the aircraft will eventually be moved indoors.


6th BG History

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