44-61535 B-29A-35-BN

  • Flew with the 28th Bombardment Squadron, 19th Bombardment Group out of Kadena Airbase during the Korean War.
  • Carried nose art "Raz'n Hell."
  • Flew at least 50 combat missions over North Korea.
  • Returned to the United States following the cease fire in Korea.
  • Sent to NAWS China Lake in 1957 for use as a test target.
  • Recovered in 1980 by the Air Force Museum at Castle Air Force Base in Atwater, California for display.
  • Rebuilt using the tail section of B-29A-35-BN 44-61535, the outer wings of B-29B-60-BA 44-84084 - outer wings, B-29-**-BW 44-70064 - fuselage & inner wings. Different sources have this airframe listed with each of the 3 serial numbers.
  • Upper forward gun turret is an improper type.
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