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B-29 44-69982
Serial #:
44-69982 c/n 13741
Model:SB-29-70-BW Superfortress
Current Location
Off Bay St. George, NL Canada.

Narrative: On March 18 1953, a Boeing SB-29-70-BW Superfortress, 44-69982, a search and rescue plane of the 52nd Air Rescue Squadron, 6th Air Rescue Group, USAF, based at Harmon Air Force Base, Newfoundland, was sent out to assist in search efforts after Convair B-36H 51-13721 which had gone missing. The B-36H was located at Burgoyne's Cove, on Random Island, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, having crashed into a hillside killing all on board.

The B-29 was returning to Harmon AFB in Stephenville, but disappeared shortly before landing. It is believed to have crashed into St. Georges Bay, a few miles from the runway, killing 11. Wreckage was never found, no cause for the crash was ever identified.

Contemporaneous news report of the B-29 crash:

"Random Island, Newfoundland (off shore) Bomber Crash, March 18 1953


Washington, Mar. 21 1953 (AP) -- The Air Force today identified 10 officers and enlisted men missing in the crash of a B-29 off Newfoundland Thursday. The B-29 was involved in the search for a missing B-36H bomber 51-13721, which eventually was located on Random Island, Newfoundland.

The victims are: Capt. FRANCIS XAVIER QUINN, Dorchester, Mass. Capt. WILLIAM A ROY, San Antonio, Tex. First Lt. RODGER D. NULL, Venice, Cal. First Lt. ROBERT W. ERRICO, Bronx, N.Y. S/Sgt. DAVID E. KIMBROUGH, Roswell, N.M. Cpl. DAVID E. RASH, Beaverton, Ore. A/1C ROBERT J. MONTGOMERY, Mountain Grove, Mo. A/3C MICHAEL KERR, JR., Chisholm, Minn. A/3C SAMMY O. JONES, Akron, Ohio. A/3C JAMES E. COGGINS, Allston, Mass.

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