Hurricane I Gloster Brockworth

  • Hurricane LF.Ia N2394 (c/n: 41H/11096). Accepted: 1939, Sold: Finnish AF (HU452), Assigned: 21 February 1940 Detatchment Räty, Ferry Flight: 25 February 1940 Finland (Pilot: Ensign Nissinen), Assigned: May 1940, LeLv 28 (markings: 5) (HC-452) (Turku AB). Assigned: 30 August 1940 LeLv 30, Assigned: 23 June 1942 LeLv 28, Assigned: LeLv 26, damaged 17 July 1942 (Immola AB), SOC: 16 July 1944 (Parola AB). Assigned: 1969 Finnish AF Museum
Currently stored: Stored at Aviation Museum of Central Finland (Vesivehmaa AB)
  • Hurricane LF.Ia P2617. Accepted: 19 January 1940, Assigned: 19 January 1940 No.20 MU (Aston Down ), Assigned: 24 February 1940 No.6 MU (Brize Norton), Assigned: 14 April 1940 No.615 (County of Surrey) (Abbeville Airfield), Assigned: 15 April 1940 No.607 (County of Durham) (AF RAF type A1 roundel F) (Abbeville, Vitry-en-Artois, Norrent Fontes, Boulougne Airfields & RAF Croydon), Assigned: 26 Oct 40 No.1 (Canadian) Sqn (RAF Prestwick), Crashed: 20 November 1940 (Pilot: Fg Off Watson) (Salcoats), Assigned: 29 March 41 No.15 MU (RAF Wroughton), Assigned: 4 May 41 No.5MU (RAF Kemble), Assigned: 31 July 1941 No. 9 Flying Training School (RAF Hullavington), Assigned: 10 January 1942 No. 8 Flying Training School (RAF Montrose), Assigned: 9 March 1942 No. 9 (Pilots) Advanced Flying School (RAF Hullavington), Assigned: 21 August 1943 No.22 MU (RAF Silloth), Transferred: 3 April 1944 Air Historical Branch Assigned: No.82MU (RAF Lichfield), Assigned: 06 August 1944 No.52 MU (RAF Cardiff) (in packing crate), Assigned: 1 Febuary 46 No. 47 MU (RAF Sealand), Film: July 1951 Angels One Five (coded US-B s/nP2619), Film: August 1955 Reach for the Sky (coded SD-P, SD-W & SD-X s/n T4107), Asigned: July 1957 No.15 MU (14) (RAF Wroughton) (Stored) Overhauled: 1958 No.71 MU (markings: AF-T): (RAF Bicester), Film: Battle of Britain (coded: MI RAF type A1 roundelC MI & RAF type A1 roundelS s/n: H3426, H3427), Transferred: May 1972 RAFM (8373M),
currently on display RAF Museum, Hendon (markings AF RAF type A1 roundel F) [1]
  • Hurricane LF.Ia P2902. Accepted: 1940, Assigned: 19 May 1940 No.245 Sqn (DX RAF type A1 roundel R), Shot-Down: 31 May 1940 (Pilot: Kenneth) by Bf109 JG26 (Dunkirk, France), Recovered: 1988, Restoration: Hawker Restorations
current owner: Richard A. Roberts, Billingshurst (Markings: DX RAF type A1 roundel R s/n P2902) (G-ROBT)
  • Hurricane LF.Ia R4118 (c/n G5/92301). Accepted: 1940, Assigned: August 1940 No.605 Sqn (UP RAF type A1 roundel W), Assigned: January 1941 No.111 Sqn (JU RAF type A1 roundel J), Assigned: March 1941 No.59 OTU, Assigned: May 1942 No.56 OTU, Shipped: December 1943 India, Salvaged: 2001 Peter Vacher, Restored: 2002 – 2005 Hawker Restorations.
Current owner: Peter Vacher civil registration (G-HUPW)

Hurricane I Canadian Car & Foundry

  • Hurricane LF.I P5202 (c/n: CCF/41H/????). Assigned: 213 Sqn (Tangmere), Assigned: 247 Sqn, Assigned: 56 OTU, Assigned: 287 Sqn, Redesignated: October 1944 Instructional Airframe, Acquired: Indian AF (AB382)
Currently on display at Indian Air Force Museum, Palam Air Base, New Delhi (s/n: AB382)

  • Hurricane LF.Ib Z7015 (c/n: CCF/41H/4013). Accepted: 1940, Converted: 27 June 1941 Sea Hurricane Mk.Ia (frame arrestor hook and catapult spools ( Cam Shi
    Hawker Sea Hurricane

    Shuttleworth Collection Aug 13 Hawker Hurricane / Sea Hurricane IB Mk.Ia ( G-BKTH )

    p type) were fitted) Assigned: No.880 Sqn, Assigned: No759 Sdn, Assigned: RAF Yeovilton, Assigned: Nov. 1943 Loughborough Training College - Instructional airframe, Acquired: 21 February 1961 Shuttleworth Trust, Movie: 1967 Battle of
  •  Britain, Displayed: 24 May 1983 Shuttleworth Trust/Imperial War Museum, Duxford (G-BKTH)
Currently airworthy with Shuttleworth Trust, Old Warden, UK (markings 7-L s/n: Z7015)

Mark I

  • L1592 (c/n W/0 5422)
  • Hurricane LF.I L1988. Assigned: No.46 Sqn, Shot-down: 29 May 1940 (Pilot: F/O Jack Wykeham Lydall) by Bf110 (Harstad, Norway), Recovered: 1998 Bodo Aviation Museum.
Currently in storage / possible as parts airframe Bodo, Norway
  • P3175
  • P3311
  • Hurricane LF.Ia P3351. Hawker - Kingston-on-Thames, Accepted: 1940, Assigned: 1 June 1940 No.73 Sdn (K) (Echemines LG & Nantes LG) (P/O Peter Carter) , Assigned: 7 July 1940 No. 73 Sdq (TP-K) (RAF Church Fenton), Crashed: 21 July 1940 (Pilot: Alf Scott), Assigned: September 1940 No.32 Sqd (Pilot: Pilot Officer Rose) (RAF Acklington), Assigned: 21 December 1940 No.71 Sdq (Eagle) (RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey & RAF Martlesham Heath), Assigned: May 1941 No.55 OTU (PA-?) (RAF Usworth), Crashed: 9 September 1941 (Pilot: Sergeant Ness Polson) (Headingly), Repaired & converted: January 1942 (Hurricane IIa Series II DR393), Assigned: 26 March 1942 (Packing), Transferred: Soviet AF, Shipped: 3 May 1942 Murmansk (SS Ocean Voice) (Convoy PQ16), Shot-down: 1943, Recovered: 1991, Sold: 1992 Sir Tim Wallis, Restored: Hawker Restorations. [2] [3]
Currently airworthy with Alpine Fighter Collection, Wanaka NZ (Markings TP-K s/n: P3351) (ZK-TPL)[4]
  • Hurricane LF.Ia P3717 (c/n 41H-136172). Hawker, Kingston (Brookfield), Accepted: May 1940, Assigned: No.238 Sqn (VK-?), Assigned: 13 July 1940 No. 253 Sdn (SW-?); shot down Bf110 30 August 1940 (Pilot: Plt Off Michal Samolinski), Assigned: No. 257 Sdn (DT-R), Assigned: No.43 Sdn (FT-?), Assigned: No.55 OTU (PA-?) (RAF Usworth), Assigned: No.8 FTS, Converted: July 1941 Hurricane IIa (DR348), Transferred: 11 October 1941 Soviet AF, Sold: September 1990 Jim Pearce, Sold: October 1990 Hurrican & Aircrew Collection, Sold: Hugh Taylor.
currently under restoration with Hawker Restorations, Sudbury, England
note: to be converted to two-seater.

  • V6846 No 312 (Czech) Squadron (RAF Speke), crashed: 15-October 1940 (Pilot: Major Jan K Ambruš)m
  • Z5053
  • Hurricane IIb Z5207 Gloster Aircraft, Assigned: No 151 Wing / No. 81 Sqd, Shipped: 7 September 1941 (HMS Argus), Assigned: 151 Wing (FB-??) (Pilot: Sgt Clarke) (Russia), Transferred: Soviet AF, Shot-down: (Kola Penninsula), Recovered: , Sold: July 1994 Historic Flying Ltd, Sold: 1996 Richard A. Roberts, Restored to airworthy: 2001
Currently airworthy with Retro Track and Air (G-BYDL)

  • Hurricane IIb Z5227 Assigned: No 151 Wing / No. 81 Sqd Shipped: 7 September 1941 (HMS Argus), Assigned: 151 Wing (FE-53), Transferred: Soviet AF, Shot-down: Murmansk, Russia, Sold: 1995 Greg Herrick
Stored: pending restoration Anoka County, MN
  • AE977
  • BD707/AE-C (cn 52024) ...

Mark II Hawker Kingston-on-Thames

  • CCF-96 (R-02)

[File:Hawker Hurricane Z3055 Malta Avn Msm 2007.jpg]

  • Hurricane IIa Z2389. Hawker Kingston-on-Thames Accepted: 1940, Assigned: No.249 Sqd (GN RAF type A1 roundel O), Assigned: No.71 Sdq (Eagle) (XR RAF type A1 roundel ?), Assigned: No.247 Sqd (HP RAF type A1 roundel ?), Assigned: No.136 Sqd (HM RAF type A1 roundel ?), Assigned: No.253 Sqd (SW RAF type A1 roundel ?), Transferred: April 1942 Soviet AF, Shipped: 21 May 1942 SS 'S85' Convoy PQ16, Assigned: 767 Regiment (Kola Penninsula), Shot-down: 20 June 1942 (Pilot: pilot F/Lt Ivan Kalashnikov) (Murmansk), Recovered: 1996, Sold: May 1997 Brooklands Museum, Restored: 1999
Currently on Display Brooklands Museum Surrey, England (Markings: XR-T s/n Z2389) [5]
  • Hurricane IIa Z3055. Hawker Kingston-on-Thames Accepted: February 1941, Assigned: 27 February 1941 No.48MU (RAF Hewarden) (combat modifications), Assigned: No.5 MU (RAF Kemble), Assigned: 18 May 1941 (RAF Abbotsinch), Shipped: June 1942 HMS Ark Royal (Operation Rocket), Assigned: No.46 Sqd (HA-E) (RAF Safi), Ditched: 4 July 1941 (Pilot: Sgt Thomas Hackston), Recovered: September 1995 David Schembri. [6]
Currently under restoration and on display Malta Aviation Museum, Ta Qali, Malta (Markings: HA-E s/n: Z3055) [7][8]
  • Hurricane IIb Z5252 (Trop) (c/n G5/120840). Gloster - Hucclecote Accepted: July 1941, Assigned: 24 July 1941 No.5 MU (RAF Kemble), Assigned: 3 August 1941 (RAF Ayr), Shipped: August 1941, Assigned: 16 September 1941 151 Wing (Soviet Air Field Vaenga), Transferred: Soviet AF Assigned: 78IAP (01) (Pilot: Major General A. A. Kuznetsov), Assigned: 29 March 1942 Staff Flight 78IAP/2gvSAP, Assigned: 3./2gvSAP, Shot-down: 2 June 1942 (Pilot: Lt. P.P. Markov) by Bf109E of 8./JG5 (Pilot: Fw. Heinz Beyer) (Lake Mishukovo), Recovered: 13 October 2004

  • BD731 (c/n 41H/198276) Hawker Brooklands [9]
  • BH229 (?-94)
  • Hurricane IIb BH328. Transferred: Soviet AF,
  • Hurricane LF IIc LD619 (Trop). Hawker Langley Accepted: 1943, Stored: North Africa, Transferred: April 1944 South Africa AF (5285), Assigned: 11 OTU (AX-E) (SAAF Waterford), Restored: 1949, Transferred: May 1950
Currently on display South African National Museum of Military History (markings: AX–E s/n: 5285)


Hurricane LF.II Hawker - Langley

  • Hurricane LF.IIc LF363 (c/n: 41H/469290). Accepted: 1 January 1944, Maintenance: 28 January 1944 No 5 MU (RAF Kemble) (Operational equiptment installed), Assigned: No. 63 Sqd, Assigned: May 1944 No. 309 (Polish) Sqd (WC-F), Assigned: No 25 Sqd, Assigned: No 63 OTU, Assigned: Station flight (RAF Thorney Island), Movie: Angels One Five, Assigned: 1954 Station Flight (RAF Waterbeach), Television: 1954 The War in the Air’, Movie: 1955 Reach for the Sky, Assigned: 1957 RAF Historic Flight (RAF Biggin Hill) Movie: The Battle of Britain, [10]
Currently airworthy with Battle of Britain Flight. (markings YB-W s/n: LF363) [11]
  • Hurricane LF.IIc LF658 (c/n: 41H/469585). Accepted: February 1944, Assigned: No. 309 Sq (WE-C) & (WC-K), Assigned: 12 February 1946 Allied Flight MCS (RAF Hendon) (ZA-P), Sold: September 1946 Royal Belgian AF (658), Assigned: 2 June 1947 169 Wing / No. 369 Sqd Redesignated: 1948 instructional airframe (RA-R)(Saffraanberg Technical School), Assigned: BAF Evere (ML-B), Transferred: 22 October 1951 Royal Army Museum
On display at Musee Royal de l'Armee, Brussels (markings: ZA-P s/n: LF345) [12]
  • Hurricane LF.IIc LF686 (c/n: 41H/469513). Accepted: March 1944, Maintenance: 14 March 1944 No 5 MU (RAF Kemble) (Operational equiptment installed). Assigned: 15 April 1944 No. 41 OTU (RAF Hawarden), Redesignated: 27 June 1944 Maintenance Training airframe (5270M) (RAF Chilbolton), Assigned: July 1948 No. 7 School for Recruit Training (RAF Bridgenorth), Stored: 1963 (RAF Colherne), Exchanged:1969 National Air & Space Museum
On display at: NASM Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (Markings: LF686)
  • Hurricane LF.IIc LF738. Accepted: March 1944, Stored: 19 March 1944 No.22 MU (RAF Silloth), Assigned: 10 April 1944 No.1682 BDTF (Bomber Defence Training Flight) (UH-A) (RAF Enstone), Assigned: 23 August 1944 No.22 OTU (LT-?) (RAF Wellesbourne Mountford), Redesignated: 16 July 1945 Instructional airframe (5405M) Assigned: No.12 School of Technical Training (RAF Melksham), Assigned: 6 Sepember 1954 Gate Guard (RAF Biggin Hill), Restoration: 8 February 1984 Royal Aeronautical Society.[13][14][15]
On display at: RAF Museum - Cosford, Cosford England (Markings: UH-A s/n: LF738) [16]
  • Hurricane LF.IIc LF751. Accepted: March 1944, Stored: 19 March 1944 No.22 MU (RAF Silloth), Assigned: 8 April 1944 No. 1681 BDTF (Bomber Defence Training Flight) (UH-?) (RAF Enstone), Assigned: No. 27 OTU (FB-B) (RAF Waterbeach), Redesignated: July 1945 Instructional airframe (5466M), Assigned: 1954 Gate Guard (RAF Bentley Priory), Movie: 1968 "Battle of Britain" (static), Restoration: 20 March 1985 Medway Aircraft Preservation Society (MAPS).
On display: RAF Manson Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum, Ramsgate, England (Markings: FT-A s/n BN230) [17]
  • Hurricane LF.IIc PZ865. Accepted: 22 July 1944

Hurricane LF.XII Canadian Car & Foundry - Fort William

  • Hurricane LF. XIIB AM274 (c/n 67021), Accepted: March 1942, Shipped: 15 March 1942 Liverpool (Convoy HX180), Assigned: 6 April 1942 No.13 MU (RAF Henlow) (Unpacking, assembly & combat modifications), Assigned: 5 December 1942, No.10 MU (RAF Hullavington), Assigned: No.76 MU (RAF Wroughton) - (Packing Depot), Shipped: 28 December 1942 Soviet Union (SS Dan-y-Bryn) (Convoy JW52), Modified: January 1943 Murmansk (two ShVAK-20 mm. cannons and two UBT-12.7 mm. (0.50 caliber) MG, Tropical chin cowl etc...), Assigned: February 1943 2/78IAP VVS, (?) Shot-down & Crashed: 19 June 1943 (Pilot: Jr. Lt. J. I. Maslennikov) (Heinäsaari Island), Salvaged: 1991, Sold: 1995 Airplane Supply Centre, Sold: June 2003 John Norman
Currently under restoration by JNE Aircraft Restoration (N274JW)[18]
  • Hurricane LF.XIIa 5380 (c/n: 805). Accepted: 16 June 1942 Stored: June 1942 No. 4 TC (RCAF Calgary), Assigned: 3 July 1943 No 133 Sqd (FN-?)(RCAF Lethbridge), Crashed: 28 August 1942, SOC: 11 February 1943 (Canadian Pacific Airlines, Vancouver).
currently under restoration in Ontario, Canada [19]
  • Hurricane LF.XIIa 5389 (c/n: 813). Accepted: 23 June 1942, Stored: June 1942 No.4 TC (RCAF Calgary), Assigned: 3 July 1942 No.133 Sqd (FN-M)(RCAF Lethbridge), Crashed: 12 July 1942, Assigned: 20 January 1943 Western Air Command, Stored: No. 3 Training Command, Stored: 5 July 1944 No.1 Air Command, SOC: 15 September 1945 (RCAF Dunnville)
Currently under restoration at Space Museum Association of Calgary, Calgary, Canada

  • Hurricane LF.XIIa "5390". Recovered: 1988 RRS Aviation, Sold: 1990 USAFM, Restored: January 2001 (Hurricane IIa)
Currently on display The Museum of the United States Air Force (markings: XR-B s/n: Z3174)
Identy of airframe is questionable - Hurricane 5390 crashed at sea: 7 February 1944
  • Hurricane LF.XIIa 5392 (c/n: 817). Accepted: 30 June 1942, Assigned: 30 June 1942 No.133 Sqd (FN-K) (RCAF Lethbridge) & (RCAF Boundary Bay), Crashed: 6 March 1943 Vancouver Island, SOC: 23 March 1943
Planned recovered and stored David Maude, North Saanich
  • Hurricane LF.XIIa 5400 (c/n: 825). Canadian Car & Foundry test aircraft, Accepted: 18 January 1944, Assigned: No.3 TC, Assigned: Test & Development Establishment (RCAF Rockcliffe), Assigned: 15 January 1945 No.1 Air Command, Stored: 14 May 1945, SOC 3 July 1947, Sold: 1947 Cameron Logan, Sold: 1984 D. Bradshaw
Currently in storage: Weeks Air Museum, Florida
Identy of airframe is questionable - data plates removed and mixed during restoration.

  • Hurricane LF.XIIa 5403 (c/n: 828) first date: 20 July 1942 - Taken on strength Delivered to No. 4 Training Command for No. 135 (F) Squadron at Mossbank, Saskatchewan on 20 July 1942. Category C crash at Mossbank at 10:20 on 6 September 1942. Still with this unit when it transferred to Western Air Command, and moved to RCAF Station Patricia Bay, BC on 1 October 1942. Loaned to BCATP from 7 August 1944. To stored reserve with No. 3 Training Command on same date. Available for disposal from 17 September 1945, stored at Brantford, Ontario by then, with 466:25 airframe time. Later stored at Dunnville, Ontario. last date: 30 June 1947 - Struck off, to War Assets for disposal.

  • RCAF 5409 (S-89)
  • Hurricane LF.XIIa 5418. Accepted: 5 August 1942, SOC: 20 August 1946, Recovered: 1973 Reynolds Pioneer Museum.
Currently on display Reynolds Aviation Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta
  • RCAF 5424 (R-82)
  • RCAF 5447 (A-02)
  • RCAF 5450 (?-00)
  • RCAF 5455 (S-02)
  • RCAF 5461 (?-89)
  • RCAF 5481 (A-02)
  • RCAF 5487 (?-02)
  • RCAF 5584 (D-02)
  • RCAF 5589 (A-02)
  • RCAF 5590 (R-89)
  • RCAF 5625 (R-01)
  • RCAF 5627 (R-89)
  • Hurricane LF. XIIa 5666 (c/n: 56021). Accepted: 3 February 1943 - Taken on strength by Eastern Air Command, Assigned: No. 1 OTU(RCAF Bagotville), Crash: 29 October 1944 (Moose Lake, Maine), Transferred: 15 November 1944 No.4 Repair Depot, SOC: 20 December 1944, Acquired: 1980 La Valle Cultural & Aeronautical Collection (incomplete wreck recovered from scrapyard), Sold: 1980
In storage with Ed and Rose Zaleskey, British Colombia
  • Hurricane LF. XIIa 5667 (c/n: 56022). Accepted: 3 February 1943 - Taken on strength by Eastern Air Command, Assigned: No. 1 OTU(RCAF Bagotville), Assigned: 23 October 1944 Victory Loan Drive (Ottawa), Assigned: 15 January 1945 NO.1 Air Command, Assigned: 9 May 1945 No. 2 Air Command , SOC: 1 January 1946, Sold/Stored: 1948 Saskatchewa, Sold: June 1965 N.M. Rose, (restored using parts from RCAF9409) Sold: 1 June 2001 G. Yagen [20]
currently airworthy with Fighter Factory / Training Services of Virginia Beach, Virginia (Markings: DZ-O s/n: V6793) (N943HH)

  • RCAF 5711 (A-02)

    Hawker Hurricane Mk XII 'G-HURI'

Hurricane IV Hawker - Kingston-upon-Thames

  • Hurricane LF.IVc KX829. Assigned: No.137 Sqn (SF–C), Assigned: No.286 Sqn (NW–S), Assigned: No.1609 Flight, Assigned: No. 631 Sqd (4E -?) , Assigned: No.595 Sqd (7B-?), Assigned: No.639 Sqn, Redesignated: 3 July 1946 Instructional Airframe (Loughborough Collage), Transferred: Birmingham Museum Of Science And Industry (JV–I)
On display at the Birmingham Museum of Science and Discovery, Birmingham, (Markings: JX-B s/n: P3395)
  • Hurricane LF.IVc KZ191 (Trop). Assigned: No. 1695 Flight (Bomber Defence) (A.F.D.U. Wattisham), Assigned: March 1945 No. 351 Sqd (Yugoslav), Assigned: No.6 Sdq (Israel), SOC: 1946, Recovered: 1983 Jaffa, Israel / Warbirds Of Great Britain
Under restoration with Robs Lamplough, U.K
  • Hurricane LF.IVc KZ321 (Trop). Accepted: 1942, Assigned: March 1943 No.6 Sdq (Grottaglie, Italy / Canne,
    Hurricane IV KZ321

    Hawker Hurricane LF.IVc KZ321

    Greece / Proks, Yugoslavia) Assigned: 1946 No.6 Sdq (Palestine) SOC: 15 January 1947, Recovered: 1983 Jaffa, Israel / Warbirds Of Great Britain, Sold: 1991 The Fighter Collection (G-HURY) Sold: May 2006
Airworthy with Vintage Wings Of Canada (JV-N s/n: KZ321) (C-FTPM) [21]
Note: Possible data plate aircraft

  • Hurricane LF.IV LD975 (Trop) (c/n 41H/368368) Assigned: No.438 Sqd (RCAF) (F3-?) Assigned: No 1 Tactical Exercise Unit, Assigned: October 1945 No. 351 Sqd ( Yugoslav) (O) Transferred: June 1945 Yugoslavia AF (9539), Assigned: 18 May 1945 1st Fighter Regiment (Zadar), SOC: 1951 [22][23]
currently on display: Yugoslavian Aviation Museum, Belgrade (Roundel of SFR Yugoslavia Air ForceO s/n: LD975)

Sea Hurricane - Canada Car and Foundry, Fort William

  • Sea Hurricane. BW841. Accepted: 18 December 1941, Assigned: No.118 (F) Sqn (RCAF Dartmouth), Stored: (RCAF Dartmouth), Transferred: 16 October 1942 Royal Air Force, Assigned: Merchant Ship Fighter Unit (CAM), Overhauled: Hawker, Assigned: Aircraft & Armament Experimental Establishment, Assigned: No.899 Sdn (FAA), BW841. Was collected from A&AEE Boscombe Down on 2nd March 1943 by Sub.Lieutenant Wood RN, 787Z Flight for transit to RNAS St Merryn, Cornwall. (Quote from 787Z Diary 2nd March 1943 states. Sub.Lieut.Wood arrived back from Boscombe Down, showing the Flying office how to fly with one wheel down, with Hurricane BW841 (Hurricane 1) after landing with a glycol leak at RAF Roborough, Devon with smoke streaming from the cockpit, following an abortive attempt to find RAF Okehampton). At St Merryn BW841 was fitted with U.P. (Unguided Projectile) launchers, However, on inspection BW841 was found to be in a poor condition due to corrosion and was unservicable for a month. On 10th April it was reported airworthy and commenced air to ground R.P. (Rocket Projectile) firing from Treligga range. On the 15th April BW841 departed for Milfield to continue R.P. firing from there. Redesignated: instructional airframe (4659M), Recovered: Ontario farm
Currently under restoration with Jack Arnold, Florida
  • Sea Hurricane. BW853 (c/n: CCF/30019). Served with 118Sqn, 127Sqn R.C.A.F. 1 O.T.U. (Canada), reduced to spares aircraft following an accident on 1/8/44, civil registration Hawker Restorations Ltd G – BRKE.
  • Sea Hurricane. BW862 (c/n: CCF/R30028). Accepted: 30 December 1941, Assigned: No.118 Sqn (RCAF Dartmouth), Stored: (RCAF Dartmouth), Transferred: Royal Air Force, Assigned: Merchant Ship Fighter Unit (CAM), Transferred: 23 June 1943 RCAF, Converted: Hurricane LF. XIIa, Assigned: 8 September 1943 Eastern Air Command, Assigned: No. 1 (F) OTU (RCAF Bagotville), Crashed: 1944 (Lac St. Jean), SOC: 12 October 1944, recovered: 1980 Tex LeVallee (fuselage), Transferred: LaVallee Cultural and Aeronautical Collection, Sold: 2000
Stored: Ed and Rose Zalesky
  • Sea Hurricane. BW873 (c/n: CCF/R30039). Accepted: 19 January 1942 - Taken on strength by No. 118 (F) Squadron at Dartmouth, Stored at Dartmouth, as reserve aircraft for the Merchant Ship Fighter Unit of the RAF. Back to Canada Car & Foundry at Fort William on 21 June 1943, for conversion to Mk. XIIA. Returned to Eastern Air Command on 21 August 1943. To No. 1 (F) Operational Training Unit at RCAF Station Bagotville, PQ. Crashed June 1944. Remains to Jack Arnold Aviation Museum in Titusville, Florida in 1988. Being restored, used parts from Hurricanes 5301 and 5381.

SOC: 15 August 1944 - Struck off, reduced to spares and produce

Jack Arnold, Florida
  • Sea Hurricane. BW881 (c/n:CCF/R32007). Accepted: 22 January 1942 - Taken on strength by No. 118 (F) Squadron at Dartmouth, Stored at Dartmouth, as reserve aircraft for the Merchant Ship Fighter Unit of the RAF. Back to Canada Car & Foundry at Fort William on 23 June 1943, for conversion to Mk. XIIA. Returned to Eastern Air Command on 20 September 1943. To No. 1 (F) Operational Training Unit at RCAF Station Bagotville, PQ. Category B crash at Chicoutimi, PQ on 7 September 1944. To No. 9 Repair Depot, apparently never repaired. Remains recovered from Ontario farm c.1988. To UK, for restoration by Hawker Restorations of Milden, Suffolk December 1988 to 1994. Sold to M. Hammond of Eye, Suffolk. To UK civil register post war as G-KAMM on 23 February 1995. Sold to Alpine Deer Group, New Zealand in 1998. To Flying Heritage Collection of Seattle, Washington in 1999. Reported under restoration at Milden in 2002. (restored using parts from BW853)

SOC: 28 September 1944 - Struck off, reduced to spares and produce

Restored by Hawker Restorations (G – CAMM)
Currently airworthy with Flying Heritage Collection, (markings Z, s/n: 5429) (NX54FH)


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