• A He 162 A-2 (Werk Nummer 120077) is currently owned by the Planes of Fame Museum and on static display Chino, California.Rumor has it this aircraft was for sale and was purchased by a German museum. This aircraft was sent to the USA in 1945 where it got the designation FE-489 (Foreign Equipment 489) and later T-2-489[1].
  • Two He 162 A-2s (Werk Nummer 120086 and 120076 were owned by Canada Aviation Museum, 120086 is disassembled and only accessible to the public on a limited basis. Werk Nummer 120076 was traded to Aero Vintage in the UK for a Bristol Fighter (G-AANM, D-7889) in December 2006. Investigations are currently being made into the practicality of an airworthy restoration of Werk Nummer 120076. Aircraft in Profile 203 reports both aircraft as having being refurbished in Canada in the 1960s.[2]

  • A He 162 is rumoured to be in storage of the Smithsonian Museum (Werk Nummer 120222), Air Force number T-2-504)[3].


  • He 162, Wings of Eagles Discovery Center, Big Flats, New York, USA,

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