La-7 White 27

'White 27' is a Lavochkin La-7 fighter currently on display at the Russian Air Force Museum in Monino, Russia. Famous for being used by Soviet ace Ivan Kozhedub, its color scheme has been reproduced on many other vintage fighters. 

Service History

Not much is known about White 27's early history. It is believed to have been built during the spring or summer of 1944. Kozhedub received it in 1945, and scored 17 air victories while flying it, including one against a Messerschmitt Me 262 . He continued to use the La-7 until the August of that year, when he flew it to Moscow to receive medals for his wartime service. In 1947 it was given to the Zhukovskiy Institute for informal display.

Display History

In 1955, White 27 was placed on public display in Red Square for the 10th anniversary of the war, then placed in storage at the Tsentralniy Dom Aviatsiya i Kosmonavtika in Moscow. Sometime between 1958 and 1961, it was transferred to the newly christened Monino Museum of the Military Air Forces of the USSR and placed on display in Hall No. 1. At this point, information on White 27 again becomes hazy. In the mid-1960s, it is rumored that it may have been damaged or even destroyed due to the poor conditions of Hall No. 1. The evidence of this is inconclusive, but during celebrations of the 20th anniversary of WWII, the La-7 was seen with a completely different finish, leading some to theorize that it was replaced. Afterwards, it was placed in a back corner in Hall No. 6, rather than back in Hall No. 1. It is still unknown why this was.

White 27 was again retouched in 1972, and moved to the museum's Great Patriotic War Hall in 2001, where it remains today. 


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