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P-51C 43-25147

  • 1945: Aug 07 - F6C-10 Crashed - pilot Paul K Rader killed - take off engine failure - Jorhat India
  • 197?: Recovered parts from Israel by Pete Regina. Rep. parts for IDFAF 13.
  • 1981?: N51PR, Pete Regina, Restoration as "Shangri-La"
  • 1981: June 11 - Test flown by Dave Zeuschel
  • 1982: First B/C model to race at Reno Air Races since '48 1986: The Believer, racer # 97, Joseph Kasparoff
  • 1996: Stephen Grey / The Fighter Collection - Duxford UK, "Princess Elizabeth"
  • 1997: June: P-51 is crated and shipped to England. 1998: April 16, G-PSID, Stephen Grey / The Fighter Collection / Patina LTD, Jersey UK
  • 1998: July: Disassembly and parts inspection begins.
  • 1998: November: P-51 shipped back to US for further restoration work
  • 2002: shipped back to England for assembly, will probably be painted as before "Princess Elizabeth"
  • .2005: first flight and seen in the summer skies of the UK
  • 2006: December, Jim Beasley has purchased the P-51C and it will be shipped to the U.S. in early
  • 2007 and hopefully flying by March.
  • 2007: N487FS, James Beasley
  • 2007: Delays by the FAA and paperwork kept the P-51C grounded until late May 2007, but she is at her new home in Pennsylvania. Congrats to Jim Beasley for bringing her back home.
  • 2008: N487FS sold to Dan Friedkin. Added to the Friedkin Air Force of Texas
  • 2013: Returns to the UK at Duxford in May for the 'Mighty Eighth' celebrations at the Duxford Spring Airshow. Is 1/4 of 'The Eagle Squadron'. Also displays at Flying Legends before being shipped back to the US.   


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