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Serial #: 44-74977

Construction #: 122-41517

Civilian Registration: N5448V[N 1]

Model: P-51D-30NA

Name: Charlotte’s Chariot II

Status: Airworthy


  • 1957: McClellan AFB, surplus
  • 1957: N5448V, Wayne Clevenger - bought from surplus, $1063!
  • 1958: Jan - N5448V, Earl Dodge
  • 1958: May - Jack Barrett
  • 1960: Apr - Earl Dodge, Anchorage AK
    • Registered as N5448V.
    • Flew with large underwing drop tanks, support for fire tanker operations in Alaska.
    • Landed with gear locked up, McGrath, AK, June 11, 1966.
  • 1968: Jul - Larry Mattson
  • 1968: Nov - Mike Coutches, Hayward CA
  • 1984: May - aircraft stolen from Tonapah NV, recovered 4 months later in Merced Ca.
  • 1993: Mar - Robert Coutches
  • 1994: May - Chris Gruys - Complete rebuild by Dan Martin in Hollister, CA
  • 1999: Suffered front end damage during landing roll-out, fixed by Dan Martin
  • 2003: Prop seal failed during ferry flight by Dan Martin. Martin was able to get back and land safely without a controllable prop. Oil was everywhere! (We do mean everywhere). Nice flying Dan.
  • 2009: sold to Dan Fordice, Delivered in December, Vicksburg Tallulah Regional Airport, KTVR
  • 2010: N251CS, repainted to "Charlotte’s Chariot II" of the 354th FG 353rd FS which was flown by Cary Salter. Cary is still alive and is still married to Charlotte after 65 years.
  • 2012: Apr 09, Charlotte passed after a long life with Cary. Our thanks to both Cary and Charlotte for their sacrifice for our country.


  1. An article on the Meredith effect, in the May 1999 edition of Aeroplane magazine, features a P-51 which, according to the caption for the photo, was registered N5448V, and held the record for being the Mustang with the longest period of ownership by a single person or organisation, which does not fit the info in the Mustang Mustang section of this entry. [2]


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