Warbirds Wiki:About

Welcome to the Warbirds Wiki. Our purpose is to document the real life stories of some of history's most famous aircraft, from construction to destruction, from abandonment to restoration, we are there to preserve their history in a form for anyone to read.

Following the definition of warbird, or a vintage military aircraft, the Warbirds Wiki covers aircraft from World War I, the Inter-War Years, World War II, Korea 1950-1953, and the late 1950s. Since our start in September of 2008, we have been growing and expanding as a community of aircraft enthusiasts. Our lead administrators Fargo84 and Wingman1 are always available to answer questions and help out others. Anyone who may have even a tidbit of information on a famous warbird is welcome to add it here to its respective page. 


A full list of our policies can be found here, but in general, our basic rules are to remain polite to others even in disagreement, make meaningful contributions, and help to remove vandalism.

Other Important Features

On the Warbirds Wiki, it is important to know where one can go do certain activities, while the User Blog space is typically reserved for admins to post technical updates and or announcements, the forums are free for all users to comment on places visited, how to improve the wiki, etc. The Community Portal may be host to contests or polls for users to give the admins a better idea of the wiki's needs.