Warbirds Wiki

While the Warbirds Wiki's purpose is to detail the history of individual aircraft, we feel it is important to have an overview of each type of aircraft, their capabilities, their service histories, etc. Therefore, we have partnered up with others such as the World War II Wiki to fill these needs. To better understand this, let us use an example:

Example One

On the Wiki, there are several articles about individual TBF/TBM Avengers stored in museums across the world. However, these articles do not detail where the class served as a whole, what its production numbers were, why it was designed, and its specifications. These details can be found on the aircraft overview, in other words, the aircraft's category page. In that sense, categories about different aircraft serving as aircraft overviews are just like any other article, and should be held to the same standard. Since most of the aircraft overviews are from the World War II Wiki, they will follow that wiki's policies and guidelines for writing. These can be found here.  


To summarize, Aircraft Overviews are special category pages that do not follow wiki writing guidelines, but instead World War II Wiki writing guidelines as that is the origin of most. They function just the same as normal articles, but have this one exception. To update an Aircraft Overview, one can either import the most recent edition of the article on the World War II Wiki or manually change it. The reason that these articles follow another wiki's guidelines is to prevent confusion should a local editor decide to make an original article here. If that happens, the inverse is true and that aircraft overview can be sent back to the World War II Wiki as part of our ongoing partnership.