Warbirds Wiki:Community Portal

Welcome to the Warbirds Wiki Community Portal! Here new users in particular can get an idea of how they can best use their time on the wiki.

Things to do:

  • Improve an article - While we strive for excellence in our writing, sometimes we make mistakes, and that is where it becomes the duty of other editors to correct those mistakes. Every little improvement is one step closer to a more complete wiki.
  • See the wiki To-Do list for a project to get started on; perhaps the wiki needs to improve its templates, rewrite its guidelines, or even make a new wordmark. Any of these things could be an item on the To-Do list
  • Find an Air Marshal (Admin) and ask for help, they will always be willing to assist new users

Wiki To-Do List

To-Do list moved to Admin Blogs for the time being while site is renovated. 

Make a Report

By clicking on the link, users are able to report others who seek to do harm to the wiki or any of its users. By updating the report, an air marshal will be able to block the user or IP quickly and effectively:

Complaint Board