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Kugisho MXY-7 type 11
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Some 850 Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohkas were built, mostly Type 11.


  • MXY-7 type 11, ex-721st Kokutai (Yontan, Okinawa), Captured: 1 April 1945 by RAF, ex-Royal Aircraft Establishment, ex-RAF Cosford Aerospace Museum, Allocated Instructional serial 8486M, Refurbished: RAF St.Athan, I-13, Museum Cosford Shifnal, Shropshire, England (D) [1] [2]

MXY-7 Type 11 c/n 997
Museum of Science and Industry

  • MXY-7 type 11 c/n 997, Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester (D)
  • MXY-7 type 11, Defence Explosives Ordinance School, Kent (D)
  • MXY-7 type 11 c/n 1049, ex-721st Kokutai (Yontan, Okinawa), Captured: 1 April 1945 by USA, I-18 Planes of Fame Museum, Valle, Arizona (D) [3]
  • MXY-7 type 11 c/n 1081, ex-Victory Air Museum, I-13, USMC Air Ground Museum, Quantico, Virginia (D) [4] [5]
  • MXY-7 type 11 c/n 1214, Iruma Air Force Base, Iruma, Saitama (D)
note: uses tail from c/n 1252

MXY-7 K-1 c/n 1018

  • MXY-7 type 22, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C. (restored 1993)
  • MXY-7 K-1 c/n 5100, ex-1st Naval Air Technical Arsenal (Yokosuka), Navy Memorial Museum, Washington, DC (D)Exhibit Photo
note: missing wings


  • Type 11: Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo (D) [8]
  • Type 11: Ohka Park in Kashima City.


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